Secure Your Job Site From Anywhere

Keep your equipment and job site safe while protecting protecting your investments.

Protect Your Projects Around the Clock.

Up to $1 billion a year is lost nationwide due to theft on job sites and is only forecasted to increase over the next five years.  Don’t you let your project take a hit by not securing your sites with 24/7 monitoring and alarms. Get more from your job site system. SanaSight’s packages include wireless internet and full Ai automation for deterring job site crime.  

Construction Security Cameras

No utilities. No problem.​

Every job site is unique, and depending on the availability of utilities, SanaSight offers solutions that run off local power or solutions that are 100% standalone and are solar-powered. This flexibility minimizes the requirements for installation and allows our units to be installed in minutes. The system has enough battery power to run high-performance features, including 24/7 recording, remote access, and alarm throughout the night. ​

Person & Vehicle Recognition

Stop the noise! Using our cameras, you will only get notifications of real threats allowing us to automate sirens or messages while deterring theft and vandalism.

person tracking

4k High Resolution & Night Vision

4k compare

SanaSight’s high-quality cameras make “hard to see” a thing of the past by using only 4K or 1080p Cameras. These high-resolution cameras allow you can read license plates and even see facial expressions. Superior night vision allows you to see far into the job site and enable the Ai to identify threats even on the darkest of nights.

Highspeed Job Site WIFI

Our systems are powered by the fastest LTE/5G available. Our clients benefit from the availability of high-powered job site WiFi to connected laptops, printers, and phones.

System Features

Return on Investment

No Security Guard Needed

Companies spend thousands on job site security each year. SanaSight’s Ai system provides full site coverage at a fraction of the price compared to traditional methods. The system is programmed to identify threats and notify authorities while taking immediate action to deter job site vandalism and thieves.

How Businesses Save with SanaSight

Full-Time Security Guards can make an average of $80,000/year, and at this cost, basic security is out of reach for many construction sites and property owners. SanaSight’s AI-based systems bring total security at a much lower price while providing addition features.

Business Analytics

Using AI Features for Business Results

You can easily access previously challenging job site information using the built-in object recognition features. Simply open up your laptop or phone to see people/vehicle counts and arrival/departure activity for all your job sites.

Secure Your Site Today - Get a Demo Unit

Security is an essential part of any business, and we are confident you will value our system. SanaSight’s generous demo program allows you to try the system for 30 days before any lease commitment. Serving the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding areas.